Design Pattern Reference Cards

Merlot Series

As an introduction to pattern design, this series will introduce designers to the most common and important design patterns. The foundational series. Available Now

Sky Series

This series dives deeply into eCommerce and shopping design patterns. We examine mobile shopping as well as social shopping patterns. Coming Soon

Rust Series

These tried and tested patterns are the classics. We examine content layouts, promotional patterns, and content hierarchy patterns. Coming Soon

Gold Series

Emerging patterns are some of the most frequently misused. We define the most appropriate times to employ innovative, novel patterns. Coming Soon

Dark Series

These are the patterns to avoid. Dark patterns intentionally try to confuse the user. We explore pricing, small-type, auto-actions, and others. Coming Soon

The Midnight Series

The Midnight series is all about subconscious patterns users don’t realize they rely on everyday. These patterns are pain-points when not present. Coming Soon

The Mr.Green Series

The Mr.Green series dives deeply into form-design. These forms, often called online forms, ask users for input. Coming Soon

The Earth Series

The Earth series focuses on navigation and interface design patterns. Deep-diving into interface and UI design. Coming Soon

In Development

The initial five series will be available by the end of December 2017.

Beginning in January 2018, Understanding Patterns will begin releasing a new series each quarter.

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